Creating a Positive Mindset with Kristy 🤩

Hi guys,

Kristy here to chat with you about how I personally create a positive mindset throughout this time of COVID-19. (FYI - At time of Writing this we are in a Stage 4 Lockdown in Melbourne 18th August)

Just to give you a quick background on me (really quick)

Ok - So I have 2 kids and 3 businesses and a puppy; not to mention my amazing partner and his 2 kids. So as you can imagine a daily schedule for me is kind crazy at the best of times; however I try to still ensure that I am the "Positive Pants" in the room.

As if you are Positive; Positive things will happen.

One of the Main things that I do is to surround myself with Postive people - Find your Tribe ; I find that I cannot keep positive when someone around me is super negative (Such a drag down)

But you know what ; sometimes they don't even know that they are negative. They've just been this way for so long that they are just like this.

Follow people of Instagram or Facebook or Twitter that are positive that lift you up as well as them selves. They're who you can surround yourself with to help maintain that Positive Mindset.

Fill your mind with Positive thoughts.

If you keep telling yourself that you are shit at your job; your too fat to get that promotion or you won't start making volume fans cause it's just too hard. These are all stories that you have been telling yourself - that are just UNTRUE.

If you tell yourself that You are AWESOME at you job, and that you are the Perfect size and weight for right now; and You WILL get that promotion if you just ask for it and finally that you CAN make Volume fans. (Yes some of this may be a Lie that you tell yourself) but it is a Good lie and if you tell yourself this enough you will being to live your Tructh or Lie in some cases.


Have a Schedule or Routine in your Day / Week

During this time of COVID-19 Creating some type of routine is paramount to your Mindset - Kaos is never good.

If you are not working and in this lull of not much to do - Create a routine that is simple: Such as getting up at the same time every day just to have a cup of tea with the birds. Or if you are still working and finding yourself in a zone of numbness. Find something that you LOVE doing and DO IT (Within reason and restrictions 🤣)

One of my Massive LOVE's apart from Lashes is Sewing! Man I love it - I once loved it sew much (see what I did there) that I created my own line of Handbags and Lunch Bags for The Ladies. Because I was so sick of seeing my fellow work ladies bring their lunch to work in plastic bags. While the guys that I worked with had these fancy insulated lunch bags. Us ladies deserved a little more that just a Plastic Bag - So I created a Insulated Lunch bag that was bright & Colourful and on the inside it was lined with Satin - OMG they were amazing!!If only online shopping was around back then. 🤪


Anyway during this time I have fallen back in love with my sewing. I intend of making a couple of items for personal use and I might even pop them in the shop - Just for FUN 🤩

So Find something that you enjoy doing - it could be anything from Learning something NEW or just having the time to read a Book.

Last is Learn to BREATHE

Sometimes even without a Global Pandemic we just need to STOP - Breathe - and then React.

Breathing the right way can Reset your entire body.

As when you are stressed your Blood heads away from your torso and into your extremities.

Fun Fact - Did you know that when you are stressed your IQ reduces by 49% - Crazy right.

I know that when I have been stressed I have made some DUMB decisions.

Here is the how to Breathe when you find that you are either Stressed or Anxious

BREATHE IN for the count of 6 (if you can)

HOLD it for the Count of 6 (if you can) 

RELEASE your breathe for the count of 6 (If you can)

This will help you move on with your day and keep Positive.

I hope that this help you - and if you have a Fun thing that you love to do in your spare time I would be interested to see what it is.


Stay Happy & Safe

Love Kristy xxx