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Mini Vortex Mixer - Four E's

Mini Vortex Mixer - Four E's

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Shake It Out With the Mini Vortex Mixer


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This little gadget is a game changer.

Manufactured by Four Es, the mini vortex mixer may look small but it packs a powerful punch and is the ideal tool for mixing your eyelash glue to get it ready for dispersal. Forget about shaking everything by hand for minutes on end, with the mini vortex mixer your glue will be ready to go in 5-10 seconds!

Save time, money, and your wrists with this lash room must-have!

Mini in size, but maximum mixing power

They don’t call it mini for nothing; this vortex mixer can easily fit in the palm of your hand and so won’t take up precious bench space. Designed to be used in chemical analysis, you won’t have to worry about it being damaged by your glues or nail polish.

While the mini vortex mixer is one of the more expensive salon items we stock, we firmly believe it’s worth the investment for the time and energy it saves. Even if you only spend a minute shaking your glue before dispensing each drop, the time can quickly add up.

How much time can the mini vortex mixer save you?

If you spend 1 minute shaking your glue before each drop, and use five drops per client, that’s 5 minutes per client. Even if you’re only seeing one client a day, that’s still 250 minutes of shaking glue each month!

This means you might be spending over 4 hours shaking glue each month! This little machine can free up that time so you can get your appointments done faster, and without any strain on your wrists.

Features of the Four Es Mini Vortex Mixer

Effortlessly shakes and mixes up to 50ml of glue or nail polish in 5 seconds

  • Effortlessly shake/mix your glues, pigment, nail/gel polish up to 50ml in size in 5 seconds
  • Easy to use touch function
  • Performance mixing at 3000rpm
  • Compact design (10cm x 8cm)
  • Laboratory Quality
  • Australian power plug
  • Colour: Blue
  • Brand: FOUR E's
  • 100-240V @ 50-60Hz (suitable for all countries)
  • 12 months warranty.

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