3D Printed Ear Saver

3D Printed Ear Saver

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3D Printed Ear Savers to protect your ears from surgical/N95 Mask straps, very flexible to bend to the shape of your head.

Can also tighten masks with long straps.

Printed from food safe PLA (a Bioplastic made from corn) and designed and manufactured in Melbourne, these ear savers can be easily sanitized by soaking in isopropyl alcohol for 5 minutes and then letting it dry.

Please do not use boiling water/autoclave as they will deform/melt.

These ear savers are approx 16 cm long and 1.6cm wide,0.5 mm thick to be strong yet still bend to the head. 

As these straps are 3D printed there may be some slight surface imperfections by it will not affect the functionality.