3M Microfoam Tape 50mm x 3mt

3M Microfoam Tape 50mm x 3mt

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Perfectly customizable to any client’s eye shape, this 3M MicroFoam Tape is a perfect addition for isolating bottom lashes and keeping them safely out of the way during your lash application.

Safe for both skin and lashes – especially for clients with sensitivity to collagen and gel eye pads – this tape is super-soft and ideal for use on the eyelid to lift the top lashes and provides a secure cushion for your tweezers to rest on.

Highly conformable elastic foam tape that stretches in all directions
  • Multi-directional stretch to accommodate swelling and promote comfort
    Conforms readily
  • Gentle, secure adhesion to irregularly contoured sites
    Water resistant
    Hypoallergenic and Latex Free
    Provides cushioning
  • Package contains 1 x Roll