Pre Made Volume Fans 4D .10 - Long Stem

Pre Made Volume Fans 4D .10 - Long Stem

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4D Volume Rebel Gold Lashes
  • Available In C & D Curl
  • Available in 8mm - 15mm
  • One Size per tray 160 fans per tray
  • Heat Bonded
  • Premade Volume Lashes are hand made with 0.10 fine lashes
  • Animal Cruelty Free
  • 100% Vegan

Achieve a fluffy full volume look whilst saving your self and your clients time! 

You can create a full fluffy volume look in the same time as a Classic Set with our  Rebel Gold Volume Lashes.

It is recommended to use a curved volume Tweezer to remove lashes from Lash Tray.



These lashes are not recommended for continuous use. For Occasional use Only. As the Weight is Equivalent to .0004 grams. To compare the weight; a 0.20 Classic Lash is .0003 grams.