Rebel Gold - Eyelash Remover Cream

Rebel Gold - Eyelash Remover Cream

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Rebel Gold - Eyelash Remover Cream

Rebel Gold's Remover for eyelash extensions quickly dissolves adhesive in the safest and easiest way. As it has a thick consistency, this cream remover doesn’t run into the eye of your client like liquid and gel removers. It is easy to control and sanitary way to remove eyelash extensions without causing damage to natural eyelashes.

Prior to application, cover lower eyelid with a lint free under eye pad . Apply remover generously, without touching the skin and wait 2-3 minutes for the adhesive to dissolve completely. Sometimes this may take longer. I usually wait 5-7 min.

Pssst: 🤫 To help the Remover Cream Develop - place 2 pieces of Glad Wrap on top of the remover when applied to the Eyelash Extensions and this will help the remover process quicker.

I have found that using the Rebel Gold Primer to remove the Cream Remover from the Lashes prior to cleansing them works a treat.

When applied properly, does not cause irritation or allergies.

Cleanse thoroughly with brush after removing all eyelash extensions.

Ingredients: H20, Propylene Carbonate


NOTE: This Product Cannot be Shipped Outside of Australia.