Rebel Gold - Lash Pillow Dark Grey

Rebel Gold - Lash Pillow Dark Grey

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The Perfect Pillow For Your Lash Room in Australia


Make the smarter choice for your lash room with our ergonomic pillows. Perfectly designed for your client’s comfort and your convenience, these pillows are made of quality memory foam that supports your client’s neck while keeping their head tilted at just the right angle for easy lash application.  

At Rebel Gold, we understand what a difference the right accessories and pillows can make to an eyelash extension business in Australia. Our goal is always to help you achieve the best results possible for your clients, so they’ll keep coming back. 

Our lash pillows are so satisfying, even our clients want to buy them 

The Rebel Gold Ergonomic lash pillow is no ordinary pillow. As well as holding your client’s head at an angle that avoids putting strain on the neck, the tilt of the pillow keeps their head slightly back at an angle that gives you the best possible ease of access to their national lashes.

But it’s not just about making things easier for our clients; at Rebel Gold we’re all about making your job easier too. That’s why our pillows feature platforms on either side that are the perfect place to keep your lash trays, tweezers and tools. That means no more twisting around or bending over to find your equipment, plus with less distance between your client’s lashes and the extensions, you’ll find yourself finishing the job in no time at all.

Rebel Gold lash pillow features

Made of ergonomically shaped hard memory foam to protect the cervical spine, improve sleep, and compliment eyelash extension application

Fabric Count: 80
Shape: Concave
Thread Count: 300TC
Material: Polyester / Cotton
Filling: Memory Foam
Pattern Type: Solid
Weight: 1-1.5 kg
Part: Neck
Use: Beauty & Lash Industry
size: 63*40*13cm
outer cover: Available in black  ( 80% cotton & 20 polyester )
inner cover: Anti-mite antibacterial fabric
filling: memory foam
washable: yes
features: Protect the cervical spine, improve sleep, eyelash extension

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