Rebel Gold - Lash Cleanser & Primer

Rebel Gold - Lash Cleanser & Primer

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Our Rebel Gold Lash Cleanser & Primer is designed to extend the life of your clients lash extensions by removing any cosmetics, natural oils or other residues that may prevent adhesives from bonding the extension to the natural lash.

The generous 40ml spray bottle will last many applications.


  • Cleanses Lashes of makeup & oils
  • Extends life of extensions
  • Improves adhesive bond


  • Spray¬†a small amount of cleanser /primer on¬†an applicator (microbrush/ applicator or lip gloss wand)
  • Carefully swipe upwards from the base of the lashes¬†while supporting the lashes from underneath with a 2nd dry microbrush or applicator.

NOTE: This Product Cannot be Shipped Outside of Australia.