Vortex mini Mixer - Four E's

Vortex mini Mixer - Four E's

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FOUR E'S SCIENTIFIC Mini-Vortex Mixer 



  • Lab Mixing; Nail Polish Mixing; Tattoo Ink Mixing; Eyelash Adhesive; Acrylic Paint Mixing
  • An ideal fixture for small sample test, convenient to use in many environment( indoor/ outdoor). 
  • In cell culture and microbiology laboratories they may be used to suspend cells. 
  • In a biochemical or analytical  laboratorythey may be used to mix the reagents of an assay or to mix an experimental sample and a dilutent. 


How to use?

  • Simply push the tube into the soft attachment to start shaking.
  • Shaking stops as soon as you lift out the test tube. 
  • Full containers of 50mL can be activated for mixing within 5 seconds! 


The FOUR E'S SCIENTIFIC Mini-Vortex Mixer is a tiny titan specifically designed for shaking test tubes. 

Remarkably small footprint – just 4 inch diameter – and compact structure are perfect for the limited spaces of bench tops and fume hoods. 
It also has patented foot pads that keep the petite unit firmly in place while mixing. 
Its power supply meets CE, cULus, CCC, SAA, FCC and GS standards. 



1.  Touch function

2.  Fixed speed of 3000rpm

3. Orbital diameter of 5.5mm

4. Excellent mixing capability can make full 50ml containers mix within 5 seconds

5. Patented foot pad design can hold the vortex mixer firmly in place when mixing

6. Low operation voltage (12V) for full protection

7. Power supply is CE, cULus, CCC, SAA and FCC certified

8. Weight is just 0.55kg.