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Creating Another Income during COVID-19

Hey Guys

Kristy Here again for another Rebel Gold Blog Post - this time All about creating another income during COVID-19 (FYI at time of writing this we are in a Stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne, Australia)

Ok - So lets get on with it.

I think if this Global Pandemic has shown us anything it is NOT to rely on just one income stream.

So here is a group of things that you can do to  create a New income stream; some of which have to potential to be quite substantial other


Sell stuff that you already have but don't need/want anymore - Hello Ebay & Gumtree

We all seem to gather STUFF on our adventure we call Life; some of which other people find really interesting and would pay quite alot of money for. I make a mission once a month to sell 5 things (could be anything really) from Old DVD's to Teddy bears or Toys that the Kids just don;t play with anymore.

Just today I looked up a pair of Exoticathletica Leggings (for my daughter) thinking that they would be super cheap on Ebay Whoa was i WRONG. The exact same pair that I have (Unicorns with Donuts & icecreams 🦄) for $205 and people were still bidding on them. Not going to lie they're awesome! But to see that my investment on Leggings would actually pay off one day - now this got me thinking!

So plenty of things that you own are worth something - Even if you think they are not.

 Representing a Brand online - Kinda like a Brand Ambassador

Another thing you can do is become a "Industry Trade Rep" through a company called "Silk Oil Of Morocco". Now you can either purchase stock and sell them on your own website or you also have the option to just market them and sell them off your "Silk Oil of Morroco" website (which you can earn a commission off)

Now you may have seen that we "Rebel Gold" Sell some of their products online but that's because we get a 50% discount on these Wholesale purchases and then we sell them at the RRP and make $$ off them.

In times like these where your Clients may not be able to get their Lashes done - Say Hello to their Magnetic & Faux Mink Strip Lashes (I personally Love the Strip Lashes ) - This is just a couple of things that you can on sell to your current client base.

The Nitty Gritty:

How much to sign Up - $0

Do I need a Website? No they supply one for you.

Here is ours: https://rebelgoldlashes.silkoilofmorocco.com.au

If you would like to sign up here is the link: https://www.silkoilofmorocco.com.au/join-my-team-become-a-silk-industry-trade-professional/?soom_utm_source=111731


Another way that you can make some coin is become a Social Marketer with Modere.

So I have been a social Marketer with them for a While Now and to be honest - I have dropped off the bandwagon because I wanted to focus on the core of my businesses. However at this moment everyone in Victoria is Sitting at home not being able to go out and do anything - So why not get them to foicus on their health.

FYI - I have used their products fro over 2 years and I love them.

Now this company is 30years old and based out of SA. They have everything that you ever need to Live Clean.They have also just released a Body Firming Foam which alone is amazing.

They have an abundance of Support they have regular Zoom meetings and Catch ups based on how you can make money off being a Social Marketer (People have been given Cars for this - that how much you can make)

Check out their website: www.modere.com.au

If you are interested in becoming a Social Marketer of this company I can hook you up with some amazing individuals that will help you on this journey.

The nitty Gritty:

How much to sign Up - $59.95 approx (However they encourage you to make an order to start with to Leverage your qualification - as they prefer for your to be using the products to market them)

Do I need a Website? No they supply one for you.

They also have an app called "Modere Life" that links your Social Marketer coding so you can earn just by sharing Videos and It also can help keep on top of your leads and Business.

Here is a Quick Run down

(Stay with me here - It can become confusing)


Welcome to Social Retail - where anybody and everybody can be a success!

Whether you simply want to make a little extra spending money or you are ready to earn a life changing income, Modere will support your business with benefits like:

  • MODERE Life App tool. Download from Google Play or Apple Store and free to use for Modere Social Marketers
  • Access to Customer Perks Program
  • Share the Love Program
  • Direct to Customer Marketing
  • Monthly pay for sharing Modere products according to the Modere Compensation Plan
  • Personal Website to Share
  • Virtual Office Suite of tools and training to support business growth
  • Regular live and virtual events targeted at you and your success both professionally and personally
  • Rewards and incentives for you to earn, like shopping experiences and overseas Escapes
  • Product innovation, development and supply

All this eventing, marketing, administration and product management is taken care of for you by our incredible team at Modere - and with an annual Social Marketer fee of $59.95 you are in business – the future is yours to create!



1. Modere is a Global Company with a 30-year history of Live Clean with the excitement of a startup.
2. We develop and create clean-label productswith quality ingredients and product integrity.
3. Our Social Retail business model combines the retail trend of online shopping with people wanting opportunities to earn additional income.
4. We use a customer-led business model that makes it easier for you to succeed.
5. Modere provides you with a leveraged income based on the efforts of many.


If you are wanting some more information I can forward the Compensation plan and set up a Zoom Call for you.


Moving along

Create an EBook

We all have something that we do just naturally that everyone else seems to find difficult or What do you know that just comes natural; But you could create something for nothing?

How about writing an eBook on a specific subject and selling it? You can do this on Facebook for little or no money at all - Just time.

I once created an 11page Ebook on how to look your best on a ZOom Call - Just for Fun.

But I sent it out to so many people and they loved it. Now Creating something that people just love is awesome because if you can create one thing ; you most certaintly create another.

I personally am thinking of writing an EBook on "How to create more time for Parents" Because I think that I have become a Master at it hahahah and I think it would be FUN

Canva.com have Ebook Templates that you can create to be your own to which you can download in many different formats. Then Upload / Publish them onto sites like Smashwords and Amazon sell them. Now this is something that you can Market on either facebook, instagram or even TikTok (Just for fun).


If you have a Passion in something learning how to monetize it means that you actually create something that you love.

And as the saying goes " Do something that you love and never work a Day in your life"


Another Post will come in the next few days to see what else we can make an income with.

Speak soon

Stay Happy & Safe

Kristy xxx


 PS: If you would like some more info about any of this - Just contact me at kristy@rebelgold.com.au and I would be happy to chat about it. xx